A letter to my love

Dearest A

The relationship with his child is the most wondrous thing for a man. You see, I feel that you are a part of my family now – a treasured joy. I’ve adopted you. I’ll not let any harm come to you, and you are in my custody. You are safe.

I’m a tireless dreamer, and a hopeless fool when it comes to your love. I feel like some part of your DNA has fused with mine – that some part of your soul escaped and intoxicated me. I’ve become addicted to you, in the most hedonistic way. I ache for you, and I suffer the most horrific withdrawal symptoms when I’m not in your company.

I went to the Art Institute today to escape you, and yet it all reminded me of you – the treasures, the artifacts, all of it. It’s a magical place – possibly the greatest collection of humanity on the planet. Yet it’s nothing to me, it didn’t feel quite right, not with you at my side bounding from case to case, from object to object.

When I’m with you, everything glows. I watched a video of a color-blind man that was given glasses that allowed him to see color for the first time, and that’s what it is like with you. You are my glasses, my eyes.

You are a fantasy, and a reality. I’m so lucky – I’ve found that woman that every man should yearn for.

I don’t really know what I aimed to say with this note – perhaps sometimes a letter needn’t say anything.

Yours forever,



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