The beginning of the affair 

I found my A on the internet, my adorable A. Unknown to my wife, I would spend hours late at night looking for someone else – an online sexual encounter.

The internet is my savior. Whatever your interests, no matter how obscure they are, and no matter how socially unacceptable they might be, it’s possible to find like minded people that share them. 

I’m a pervert – at least from the perspective of what is socially acceptable in the more traditional sense. I like the more aggressive, and violent aspects of sexual behavior. It would not be easy for me to find someone that shared my tendencies in any traditional setting. That’s where the internet saved me, or perhaps it tempted me. Without the internet, I imagine I would have been more ready to stick with what I had – how could I have craved something that I didn’t know existed.

I’d used a lot of other avenues in my checkered history with the internet, but I stumbled across a community on Tumblr that aligned well with my interested. I placed an advert on it, expressing what I sought. In summary, I wanted someone to talk to, to have an online relationship with at first, in order to keep me mildly satiated – to distract me from my marriage. Being frank, I have engaged in numerous online relationships over time, and I have enjoyed them a lot. But I never expected to find anything like A.

Unfortunately, I was initially bombarded with underage girls. Let me be very clear, I have never been interested in girls that are not of an appropriate legal age – let children be children. It was exceptionally frustrating. I realize that these minors may be comfortable with their own sexuality, but I have no time or interest in that. A lot of them were angry with me – “why am I not good enough for you? Am I not pretty enough?”. No, I merely just didn’t want any association with minors!

I do like young women however. I like their freedom, and their lack of commitments . I love the spirit of youth, and I feel like I missed out on a lot of it during my high school and college years, due to a lack of self confidence.

College girls just do it for me. It’s not just because they are nubile – I adore the blank canvas. Moreover, most college girls are not looking to settle down into a long term relationship – and that fitted well with what I was seeking.

Then A came along. I won’t lie, as I vow to never lie to you, I was first taken away by her beauty. Her small frame, her tiny pert boobs, her long curly ginger ringlets. It angers me somewhat when I hear people talking purely about inner beauty being the basis for a good relationship, because we are all visual beings. We are predisposed to seek out beautiful people – there has to be a genetic, evolutionary basis for it, and I am not ashamed of that.

Yet it was pretty clear to me that there was something unusual about her. With hindsight, and seeing how she is around other people, I know now that she is the kind of person that is very easy to fall in love with. In fact, it seems like several of her classmates have fallen in love with her during her semester on the island – more on that some other time.

She was looking for someone to play with on the internet – she didn’t have much time for a serious relationship, with her school work, and her job. However, I’ve found that launching immediately into a sexual conversation is not a good way to start an online sexual relationship. While that may seem like a curious thing to say, it’s the same as with any more traditional relationship. I feel the need to know something about a person before I launch in sexual roleplay. Therefore, I immediately started to pepper her with questions about her school, and the things that mean a lot to her.

This seemed to surprise her, as most of the other guys that she had contacted were overtly sexual with her from the outset. Yet I was instantaneously enthralled with texting her, and I was desperate to know more. We talked about religion, and politics, and science. It was the best interaction I’ve ever had with another person over text – I’m not sure that sounds as weighty as I mean it, but this is coming from a man that’s engaged in hundreds of conversations of this manner.

Of course, I was very sparing with the truth about my marital situation – and by sparing, I mean silent about it. I made out that I was a single guy, living in the big city all alone.  

Eventually, things became sexual – several hours later. It was clear that she shared a lot of my kinks, and I was hooked. This girl, this young woman, was a delicate blend of smart, and pretty, and sexual perversion.

Within two days I was convinced she was to become a large part of my life. I wasn’t sure for how long, but I knew she was exceptionally special.

Within two more days I told her I was married, because I could tell I was falling in love with her.


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